The new R&D BioPharmaceuticals organisation brings together research and development teams, from discovery through to late-stage development for Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolic (CVRM), Respiratory, Inflammatory and Autoimmune (RIA) therapy areas, and opportunistically for Microbial Sciences and Neuroscience.

And specifically around the administration of internship positions:


The fellowship/internship will be administered by one of the AstraZeneca R&D sites engaged in cardiovascular, metabolic and renal clinical studies. For European applicants that will most likely be the R&D site in Gothenburg, Sweden, while applicants from the Americas will be associated with the R&D site in Gaithersburg outside Washington DC. Relocation support is provided in accordance with AZ policy

Although this fellowship program is an immense opportunity for YCVCTs, it must be understood that it is challenging for YCVCT to take extensive time off his/her academic duties to participate in longer periods on on-site activities. There are well established routines for tele-commuting, and after required introductions, most of the tasks and meetings can be handled through communication tools. The AstraZeneca line managers and mentors will clearly define what is the fellowship responsibility with regards to dedicated in-person time, i.e need to take time off to participate at the site of the COMPANY, what can be done via email, teleconferences, etc. If the applicant needs to do certain clinical activities, these should be scheduled and agreed with the AstraZeneca line manager.

The YCVCT will have to obtain approval from her/his chief/head of the division at the primary/home institution and justify the time off needed to dedicate to this fellowship. Flexible fellowship should be possible e.g. few weeks/months with the fellowship, few weeks back at the academic home institutions. Potential time schedules may be as follows:

  • Maximum learning: Requires full time (equal to 40 hours per week) spent on COMPANY activities for a full year (on-site and by telecommuting). This option will allow an applicant to be part of a study team, training to understand compliance with both external laws and de facto standards (i.e. versus ethical committees, regulators).

  • Flexible time: Requires at least half-time (in average 20 hours per week) for a minimum of 6 months. Expect that the first 4-6 weeks should be spent at site to get to know all key team members and the organization. Depending on the flexibility of the applicant, specific learning goals will be agreed, and may e.g. focus on design phase or interpretation of study results.

  • Work on-site: Expect that the introduction period will be at one of the sites mentioned. Some activities are strictly done on-site as interpretation of study results to ensure confidentiality, while design work usually can be done through teleconferencing/screen sharing.

The length of the fellowship/internship is of one year maximum unless otherwise agreed upon.

Time schedule, start and end date should be agreed by all involved parties.

Termination of the agreement can be noticed by any part at least 30 days in advance.

The applicant normally will remain employee at the mother institution, which will be compensated for paying wages, insurances, travel, based on actual costs accumulated. In select cases, a temporary employment can be discussed

The YCVCT will sign a confidentiality agreement and a no intellectual property claim agreement,  related to all tasks accomplished during fellowship/internship with COMPANY. Importantly, this will also be acceptable to the mother institution, for which a separate contract normally is needed.

The Fellow will have access to COMPANY internal systems, and a COMPANY email address during the tenure

Conflict of interest: applicants may be working with other companies on related projects, secondary analyses, or other endeavors. The sponsor companies will make it clear as to what would be considered a conflict of interest in working with other research groups or companies, and which may be incompatible with the program.


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