Please make sure to read the guidelines related to your assigned role(s) during the conference and to respect the maximum length allowed for your presentation, if any.


Faculty Guidelines | Length of Presentation


  • Opening hours of Preview Room at CVCT Venue: info coming soon

  • As a Speaker or Discussant with a presentation, you will be requested to upload your slides in advance, at least 1-2 hours before the session starts or the day before if the session starts early in the morning. Presentations received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed audiovisual support.

  • Personal laptop computers and presentations cannot be connected to the projectors in the lecture rooms, you must go to the preview room.
  • The presentation must be uploaded in the Preview room from a memory stick or a CD-Rom to be shown.
  • If you wish to integrate videos to your projection, they have to be on the same file as your PowerPoint presentation, otherwise we won’t be able to show it.
  • The Preview room is equipped with a PC compatible with PowerPoint. You will be able to make final checks and / or changes to your presentation. A technician will be there to assist you.
  • To strengthen disclosure policy, please provide a disclosure slide at the beginning of your presentation indicating your relationship. If you do not have one, please indicate that on the slide.
  • You will be asked to sign an authorization to publish your presentation on the congress website and partner websites of the CVCT.


  • A valid ID document with picture (driver's license for US citizens or passport for non US citizens) will be requested for entering the Embassy. Make sure to carry it with you at all times.
  • We highly advise you to anticipate at least 20 - 30 minutes to pass through security.
  • Please ensure to give yourself ample time to arrive before starting times.
  • No luggage can be brought to the French Embassy, therefore please arrange with your hotel to store your luggage on check-in / check - out days.


  • Travel stipend for Non-Industry Faculty CVCT grants the following travel stipend for each Faculty, except Industry / CRO representatives, based on a return trip.

    € 500 Euros for Faculty travelling from US / Canada / South America,

    € 2,000 Euros for Faculty travelling from Europe,

    € 2,500 Euros for Faculty travelling from Asia / Oceania

  • All refunds will be made upon submission of the completed CVCT reimbursement form, after the conference. Make sure to keep your original receipts (travel invoice and boarding pass / ticket, as well as taxi receipts, Uber invoice, etc).

Special Air France / KLM Group fares

  • In case you decide to book your travel on your own and travel on Air France / KLM / Delta flights, we are glad to inform that you can benefit from discounted CVCT group fares.

  • Nevertheless, make sure that you respect the travel stipend in case you are to submit an expense claim after the conference (Non-Industry only).

  • You will be requested to show a proof of attendance / fare eligibility when registering at the airport. Please click here to upload it.

  • Please find below the link to purchase your ticket and benefit from the special group fare:

Access by plane

  • International flights would mostly arrive in Dulles International Airport (IAD). (approximately 45 min. drive to Washington Georgetown Area / CVCT Venue, depending on traffic)
  • For domestic flights, we recommend (if possible) an arrival at Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), which is closer to the conference venue. (approximately 20 min. drive to Washington Georgetown Area / CVCT Venue, depending on traffic)

  • There is no specific shuttle service organized for the conference, except for patients. Please use taxis and submit receipts for a possible refund after the conference (if eligible).


  • The accommodation is limited to 3 nights for US / Canadian Faculty or 4 nights for non-US Faculty attending CVCT Forum, as non-Industry / non-CRO representatives.
  • Industry members can gladly submit their hotel request and benefit from negotiated rates, by sending an email to CVCT hotel coordinator Nathalie Cellier:


We kindly ask you to provide us with the following documents for the program:

  • Short biography * (either on a text document or directly in an email, max. 150 words)

  • Headshot * (jpg, HD photo)

  • Abstract (for speakers and discussants with a presentation). Deadline to receive your abstract is September 30th. The format for your abstract is:

    • Session Title
    • Presentation Title
    • First Name Last Name, Title
    • Affiliation(s)
    • Abstract

Requested during e-registration process. If you haven't registered yet, you may send it separately to

Deadline to collect bios and headshots is November 1st.


You can upload the expense claim form by clicking here

Please note that the claims will only be processed after the conference.


For questions related to logistics:

For questions related to the scientific program and to your assignments:

Stéphanie Grojean / Pr. Faiez Zannad:


*You will need to enter the registration code that you received in the invitation email.

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