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A Critical Mechanisms Of Disease (CMOD) – CVCT joint session
Chairpersons: Nick Mills (Edinburgh, GBR), Jean Claude Tardif (Montreal, CAN)
3.30 pm – 7.30 pm
 High sensitivity troponins are useful for diagnosis and prognosis in patients with
suspected acute coronary syndrome. Though a large volume of evidence to
support their utility in such settings has been generated, there is a lack of
consensus on the optimal way in which to apply these assays in clinical practice.
Novel, rapid algorithms may hold the key to improved patient care using these
biomarkers, but much remains to be discussed.
 Recent publications have focused the attention of many clinicians on the potential
role for biomarkers of cardiac injury in refining the approach to cardiovascular
(CV) risk stratification in the general population. Whether this will ultimately
change practice remains to be seen.
 Biomarkers may serve to discriminate various substrates for coronary syndromes
and heart failure that could direct individuals to different management strategies.
As such, they may stratify patients mechanistically and therapeutically and might
help achieve the goal of a more precision management and personalized
 Whether these concepts have gained power and how much are these pertinent to
precision and personalized medicine, and how to incorporate in future CV trials is
a matter of intense debate.
 Lessons learnt from the mixed success of biomarker – guided clinical trials need
to be shared with the aim of refining methodology and moving the area forward
Keynote lecture:
Circulating and imaging biomarkers of atherosclerosis and prospects of
precision management and personalized approach of cardiovascular disease.
Peter Libby (Boston, USA)
Is CV risk modified by therapies and can that be monitored using CV biomarkers?
Nick Mills (Edinburgh, GBR)
The role of biomarkers in detecting risk of cardiac toxicity in cancer trials.
Jean Claude Tardif (Montreal, CAN)
Can high sensitive troponins improve cardiovascular risk stratification in the
general population?
· In EU: Johannes Neumann (Hamburg, GER)
· In US: Christie Ballantyne (Houston, USA)
Risk stratification of suspected ACS patients: Optimal algorithm?
Agim Beshiri (Abbott, USA)

Health Economics and Outcomes impact of risk stratification with novel CV
Amy Durtschi (Abbott, USA)
Imaging to guide HF therapy.
Faiez Zannad (Nancy, FRA)
Biomarker guided therapy trials failed so far. Methodological lessons
Kirkwood Adams (Chapel Hill, USA)
Advancing Precision Medicine: Current and future proteogenomic strategies for
biomarker discovery and development
Ida Grundberg (Olink, USA)
Industry viewpoint: Gillian Murtagh (Abbott, USA), André Ziegler (Roche, CHE)
The Forum. Moderated discussion with the audience
Are we ready for precision CV medicine?
Chairpersons: Nick Mills (Edinburgh, GBR), Jean Claude Tardif (Montreal, CAN)
Panelists: Kirkwood Adams (Chapel Hill, USA), Christie Ballantyne (Houston, USA),
Agim Beshiri (Abbott, USA), Ida Grundberg (Olink, USA), Peter Libby (Boston, USA),
Amy Durtschi (Abbott, USA), Nick Mills (Edinburgh, GBR), Gillian Murtagh (Abbott,
USA), Johannes Neumann (Hamburg, GER), Jean Claude Tardif (Montreal, CAN), Faiez
Zannad (Nancy, FRA), André Ziegler (Roche, CHE)