CVCT and ACC meet on their educational mission

There is increasing need to bolster clinical trial experience for CV fellows and junior faculty, and only limited options to pursue rigorous training and solid experience in clinical trials. Such experience is critical for ongoing studies and ensuring the development of expertise for clinical trial leadership. CVCT is committed to facilitate such endeavors.

The Young CardioVascular Clinical Trialist (YCVCT) Educational Program in Medical Leadership in cardiovascular, metabolic and renal clinical trials

Young fellows Pathway at CVCT:

Educational content of CVCT

  • Learning from being exposed to CV trials leaders from multiple backgrounds.

  • Statistics course: A trial science course dedicated to CV fellows and junior faculty, organized by Stuart Pocock (London) and other distinguished statisticians-methodologists

  • Training sessions by NIH & NHLBI about drafting grant applications

  • Scientific programme of CVCT

  • Shark Tank Sessions: A pitching session where CV fellows and junior faculty may pitch their trial protocol plans and win the chance to be mentored by senior trialists

Other opportunities for professional growth:

  • Career Escalator sessions: One-to-one “speed dating” sessions with CV trials leaders from multiple backgrounds

  • Publication and manuscript writing: Mentoring by senior trialists of drafting CV trial position manuscripts destined to be published in high impact factor journals.

  • Abstract presentation

  • Internship in medical leadership: 1 year Fellowships and/or internships in medical leadership in Cardiovascular outcome trials that enables young faculty to train with pharmaceutical companies during one full year periods

  • Networking

  • The Young Investigator Grant (YIG)


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American College of Cardiology (ACC)