The CVCT Future trialists fellowship initiative enables young fellows and mid career faculty to train, joining  major principal investigators and mentor trialists as a "Steering committee Mentee", joining the steering committee of an ongoing major clinical trial, as a full member, learning about the conduct of the trial, and data collection, analyses and interpretation, and co-authoring with the trial leadership secondary trial manuscripts.

Clinical trials remain underrepresented with respect to older adults, women, and racial/ethnic minority patients. Recent data have highlighted that clinical trialists who are of a certain demographic may be more successful in improving patient diversity. In support of diversity in early-career leaders in clinical trials, and in partnership with Bayer, CVCT is supporting the development of young trialists of racial/ethnic minority background. Increasing early-career minority participation at CVCT is critical to the overall mission to develop high-quality representative clinical trials.

Modes of selection and monitoring

A YCVCT review committee is composed of 5 members, 3 from the CVCT leadership (2 senior and 1 junior trialists) and 2 from industry sponsoring the fellowship program.

Selection will be based on expression of interest, willingness, preparedness, scientific merit and professional scheme.

The program will be monitored by the above committee through at least 3 face-to-face  or teleconference personal interviews with the YCVCT, during the year if training.

The selected YCVCT member will be requested to present regarding his/her experience and findings (if original data analyses are undertaken) at the annual CVCT sessions.


How to apply:

Send the application documents to cvct@overcome.fr putting “Application for the BI Fellowship” in the subject. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.


Application file must contain:

  • A comprehensive CV with list of publications and trial experience,

  • A letter of expression of interest, of expectations and ambition,

  • A letters of recommendation from mentors (minimum 2),

  • Agreement from head of division and/or director of fellowship, as applicable, at primary institution,

  • Agreement from administration at primary institution,

  • Anticipated timelines and desired time schedule.