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A Forum dedicated to interventional cardiology trials

COURSE DIRECTORS: Roxana Mehran, C. Michael Gibson, Donald Cutlip, Robert Yeh

Course Directors

The NEW forum nested in the CVCT Forum dedicated to interventional Trials

“For the last decade I’ve been really lucky to go to one of the meetings I look forward to all year, The Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists Forum. For years they really got all the stakeholders together in a forum that allows for open conversation about cardiovascular clinical trials. We felt that it was important to open this to interventional cardiology.

Interventional Cardiology is so dedicated to clinical trial and the new forum of the ICVCT nested in the CVCT Forum will focus on interventional trials.

The most important part that I love that is in this meeting and not others, is patients, they are on the panels and we have the payers, those two important entities are always missing and today we can no longer exclude them, they are a part of this conversation. See you all there at ICVCT in the French Embassy Washington D.C. “ - Roxana Mehran

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