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CVCT-WOMEN AS ONE : Evidence Gaps in Women's CV Health and How to Improve Women's Leadership

Friday, December 4th: 1:30 – 3:30 pm and 4:00 – 6:30 pm

A frequently underserved population in cardiovascular medicine is a large one… women. Dedicate Friday afternoon to rectifying the knowledge and treatment gaps by logging into the Women as One joint session. Women As One was founded by Dr. Roxana Mehran and Dr. Marie Claude Morice, two internationally recognized leaders in cardiovascular care and research (www.womenasone.org). This exceptional group aims to help develop unique professional opportunities for women physicians.

The first of 2 sessions, chaired by Gail Pearson (NHLBI, USA), and Lijing Yan (Kunshan, CHN) will address “Evidence Gaps in Women’s Cardiovascular Health”. This will be followed by a second session, chaired by Biykem Bozkurt (Houston, USA), and Tabassome Simon (Paris, FRA), will examine “How to Improve Women’s Leadership as Clinical Trialists?”

The first session will look at ways to improve the participation of female patient’s in cardiovascular trials, provide insight into the Women Heart Centers experience, and discuss difficult issues like the scarcity of evidence in pregnant and peripartum women. What’s your opinion on the need for sex-specific CV guidelines? This is your chance to weigh in and be heard.

Speakers include: Lijing Yan (Kunshan, CHN), Annabelle Volgman (Chicago, USA), Harriette Van Spall (Hamilton, CAN), Padma Kaul (Edmonton, CAN), Teresa Lopez Fernandez (Madrid, ESP), and look for insight into the regulatory perspective from Charu Gandotra from the USA FDA.

The second session will focus on strategies to help expand the leadership of clinical trials to include more women. The session will examine the role of professional societies, such as the ACC/AHA, and ESC, global initiatives that are underway in Asia, Europe, and the USA, industry initiatives, and the role of social media. Tune in to learn more about Women As One advocacy, and how you can make a difference.

Speakers for the second session include a global panel of women cardiologists and industry representatives including: Biykem Bozkurt (Houston, USA), Barbara Casadei (Oxford, GBR), Carolyn Lam (Singapore, SIN), Tabassome Simon (Paris, FRA), Mary Walsh (Baltimore, USA), Roxana Mehran (New York, USA), Brooke Allocco (Boston Scientific, USA), and Martha Gulati (Phoenix, USA).

As for all you men out there, don’t let this star-studded cast intimidate you. Come out and be heard, and learn how you can make a difference. The two moderated multi-stakeholder expert panel debates should be among the best of the forum.

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