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  • Pauline Lavigne

Iron Therapy in Heart Failure: From Trial Evidence to Implementation

Monday December 7th: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Iron deficiency is a common comorbidity in patients with heart failure (HF), and is associated with a negative impact on exercise capacity, physical well-being, and quality of life. This session will look at past, present, and future trials investigating treatments for iron deficiency in HF.

The session will be chaired by Dr. Inder Anand, Director of the Heart Failure Program, at the VA Medical Center, University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, MN, USA and Prof. Ewa Jankowska, Head of Laboratory of Applied Research on Cardiovascular System, at Wroclaw Medical University, in Wroclaw, Poland.

Clinical trials so far suggest that oral iron products have limited benefit in HF. We will look at the results of these trials, and what lessons we have learned from these trials so far. In contrast, studies with intravenous (IV) ferric carboxymaltose have demonstrated good efficacy on surrogate outcomes, and improvements in NYHA functional class. Meta-analyses suggest beneficial effects for HF hospitalization and CV mortality, but a prospective trial was needed.

Prof Piotr Ponikowski from the Center for Heart Diseases at the University Hospital, Wroclaw, Poland Principal Investigator on the AFFIRM-AHF trial, will present the results of this recently completed hard outcomes trial. This is a key session to understand the results of this trial, and the role of IV iron in patients with HF. Although it narrowly missed statistical significance on the primary endpoint of HF hospitalizations and CV death, a pre-specified adjustment of COVID-19 impact, showed a statistically significant advantage with active treatment. Other speakers include Robert Mentz (Durham, USA), and Stefan Anker (Berlin, GER).

Joining this session to provide a regulatory viewpoint are Norman Stockbridge from the US FDA, and Peter Mol from the EMA (NED). We’ll also here an industry viewpoint from Klaus Jensen (Vifor Pharma, CHE), and a patient viewpoint from Cynthia Chauhan (Wichita, USA). Stayed logged-on to the forum to join our speakers, and a larger panel, for the moderated multi-stakeholders’ debate.

Making CV Precision Medicine Become a Reality

Thursday, December 3rd: 7:30 – 9:30 pm Advances in disease stratification tools, such as molecular and imaging technologies, will help to identify more specific patient populations. This will help to


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